The Hexton Difference

The Hexton Difference

Our core strength is our ability to support farmers by providing a high-quality pollination service and bringing greater return to marginal land through land rental. We pride ourselves on keeping the highest standards of health and safety, and we’re always seeking to increase efficiency and to innovate to improve yield.

We are a team of highly trained and motivated people, focused on excellence, efficiency, and innovation. We empower our people to ensure a meaningful and collaborative work environment. Our 1600 hives are managed by six highly skilled and passionate beekeepers, who bring their personal pride to the critical role of caring for our bees.

We own our own extraction facility, which allows us complete control over our honey production, aligned with our strong focus on quality. We also provide honey extraction services to other beekeepers, and offer a contract blending and packaging service for honey marketing companies.

Hexton Bee Company has two divisions. Honey production and pollination services are managed under our East Valley Honey business, which also offers honey extraction and packaging on a contract basis.

Hexton Bee Company is our umbrella brand, through which we drive retail sales of our consumer products for in-home use,  in 4 main areas - Honey, Food Wraps, Candles and Balms.

Our added-value consumer range is a product of our creative side – a chance to take a holistic approach to the benefits of beekeeping for the good of people and the planet.

Our reputation and commitment to our values is everything to us. We operate with respect and consideration for long-term and mutual benefit in all our relationships and activities. Wellbeing in all of its manifestations is at the core of our business.