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The natural alternative to plastic wrap!

Hexton Bee Company Beeswax Wraps are a totally natural alternative to single-use traditional cling-wrap. Handmade with all natural ingredients including 100% cotton, pure NZ beeswax from our own sustainably managed hives, tree resin, jojoba and manuka oil, the wraps are naturally antibacterial and will allow your food to breathe, unlike plastic.  
Our sandwich wraps are natural, reusable and compostable. They also allow your food to breathe, keeping it fresh the natural way!
Use our reusable beeswax wraps to cover foods such as fresh fruit and vegetables, cheeses and herbs. They are excellent for covering bowls, leftovers or storing snacks and sandwiches.
Not only do beeswax wraps replace the use of plastic, they also help in preventing food wastage as they extend the life of food dramatically. Try wrapping half an avocado to prove it, they can last up to a week in a beeswax food wrap.

Use our individual wraps to fill a missing size in your own collection or if you haven't used beeswax wraps before and want to give them a go - we are sure you won't be disappointed!