I first came across your product at the Field days in Feilding this year, where I purchased a set of small, medium and large.  I loved them so much that I ordered another set.  My daughter was home and loved them, so off they went with her and I have since ordered another set for myself.  I am telling everyone how fabulous they are.

Josie Robertson

Love them! I am so glad that I bought my Hexton Bee wraps, they are great looking and it is so good to be able to wrap my food in a reusable wrap. They are also easy to wash and dry in a short time.


I bought these whilst on a recent trip in Wellington. I had been actively seeking some for a while, especially as we are trying to get away from using cling-film and foil, to wrap our food in. Already used all 3 from this pack. 
Just a great product.

Dave Capstick

These are so cute and well made... excited to use them every day!

Grace Kim