At Hexton Bee Company we see our products as a natural collaboration between people and bees, using the fruits of our hives to create products that contribute to overall wellness for all.

''In a modern world where everything is mass produced,
we like to slow down and create each of our products by hand, one at a time.''

25 years ago, our founder Martin had his first glimpse into his Uncles beehive. It was to be the start of a long and interesting journey of discovering what these amazing animals have to offer.
Along the way more and more of his family have been inspired to follow in his journey, creating a true family team working together to bring the work of our bees from our hives to your home.
Our family values are reflected in all of our work as we seek to improve our own lives and those of others through what nature has provided.
Now with a team of 10 people, we are continually researching and trialing new ways we can incorporate the fruits of our hives - the incredible gift of nature - into our every day lives to enhance our lives through what comes naturally.
We believe that beehives should be run as close to natural as possible. Some of things we do to be sustainable and help the bees;
  • We run our own queen rearing operation
  • We use organic varroa treatments
  • We don’t use any antibiotics
  • We leave honey on our beehives to reduce artificial sugar syrup feeding
  • Our hives are all situated in hives around Gisborne that have a wide variety of natural food sources which keep the bees strong and healthy year round.
  • We invest a proportion of our profits to increasing the bee population and planting trees for bees.