Our Mission

Our Mission 

Hexton Bee Company will utilise excellent systems, in conjunction with a values-based business model, to deliver top quality products and services.  We will continue to innovate to improve and protect the health and wellbeing of our bees, of our people, and of our planet.   

Our Vision

Hexton Bee Company will deliver the highest quality honey and honey products, while maintaining our commitment to wellbeing at the core of every aspect of our business.  We will be an industry leader in sustainability, efficiency, and community development.  

Our Core Principles and Values

• Honesty – we will always be upfront and open
• Integrity – we will make business decisions according to our values
• Generosity – we will share our success and support others
• Teamwork – we will always care for, support, and collaborate with our staff, our customers and our community
• Sustainability – we will grow our business in a truly sustainable way, caring for our bees, our people, and our planet
• Positivity – we will keep a positive learning mindset, always looking for the best in people, situations and challenges